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Our Services

Madabolix is a one stop solution to all your health and wellness related issues such as

Weight Management
Easy and sustainable diet plans
Muscle Rehabilitation Services
Healthy and simple food recipes
Easy and on the go health products
Live workout sessions
Online consultations and training
Our Services

Healthy Food Improves Your Mood

Personal Fitness and Endurance Training
Our workouts are very innovative and consist of a lot of fun activities. They are Scientifically designed to suit the human body and deliver the best results.
Pilates helps the core-strengthening Benefits of the method to improve Posture and balance. Pilates targets The “Powerhouse” muscles, which Include the glutes, hips, pelvic floor, And lower back.
Online Consultation and Training
The MOTOR combines the core training of pilates, the strength And power of aerobic conditioning, the functional exercises of A pulley system and the balance and release exercises of a Foam roller, MOTOR gives you everything you need to teach Classes, small group or one on one training.
Pilates on Mat Training
It is excellent for strengthening the core muscles, And also the arms and legs.

A Healthy Food, For A Wealthy Mood

If you thought healthy life style is expensive, think again !! It’s better to spend on healthy habits than to spend double the amount of money later on, on medicines!
why Madabolix

Healthy Future Begins Now

personalized attention

customised diet plans

focus on fat loss rather weight loss

new workouts

New Recipes


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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is a simple yes. Our Plans are customised to the client’s routine and daily lifestyle which Includes Your travelling Plans, special occasions and Cheat Meals, and holidays. Appropriate Meals would be designed and you would be guided on how to follow these Plans. And a big Yes to getting fitter and better in your fitness Journey.
Something that cannot be followed as a part of daily life style change is never suggested by us. We all have our special occasions and holidays & Birthdays and Meals with friends. Yes we do suggest Cheat Meals, every now and then in order to Keep Your motivation high.
Yes definetely you can but under the guidance of the experts. Post Partum Your Body looses a lot of essential Macro 8 Micro Nutrients. In order to cope up with your essential daily requirements you need to follow a well balanced and Nutritious Meal. Eating Right the smart Way is the bottom line. And we help you with that.
Of course you can! But it’s Just like asking “Can I loose weight without looking Good?! Excercises can help you attain your long term goals in short Period of time. Apart from that you look healthier and toned If your are following Nutrition and Physical Activity both. What More than finding both your Meal Nutrition and workout Plans under one same roof!! I provide the solutions for you.