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I don’t have a fancy transformation story to sell here. I have always been a person who was active from my childhood. Being a fitness enthusiast, I used to participate in a lot of sports events conducted at school level. I finished my Masters in marketing but deep down I knew that my passion lies in fitness and food. In 2007 I decided to do a strength conditioning program. After that there was no looking back. I followed my heart and turned my passion into my profession. What started as a self development journey became my vision to help people in their fitness journey. Practising as a nutritionist and a Pilates instructor from last 13 years, I came a across lot of clients who were struggling with their health issues. When you transform your mindset around food, all food can be enjoyed guilt free. Being a single mother of 12 year twin daughters I knew how to prioritise my health and to keep my family healthy along with hustling in my professional life. My aim is to make people comfortable around healthy lifestyle and prioritising oneself in this hectic routine. Instead of feeling bad about your food choices, We help you aim for balanced and varied diet. My vision is to help women in their fitness journey and bringing up their family as healthy and happy individuals who are the base to future India. A proud India. Stay fit. Stay healthy!!!
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Healthy Living Is Not A Bad Diet


Our Vision

Is to help people follow a healthy and an affordable lifestyle by providing doable and easy diet plans.


Our Mission

To help people in their fitness journey by proving easy and on the go workout plan which can be done in the comfort of your house as well!

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why Madabolix

Healthy Future Begins Now

personalized attention

customised diet plans

focus on fat loss rather weight loss

new workouts

New Recipes


Personalized Diet plans for

Losing Sustained Weight
Sports People
Building Stamina & Increasing Resistance Power
Increasing Metabolism
People with busy/travel schedules
People with Medical Conditions
Pregnancy & Post pregnancy

Grilled Salmon
Fish Steak

New Healthy
Apricot Juice


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The answer is a simple yes. Our Plans are customised to the client’s routine and daily lifestyle which Includes Your travelling Plans, special occasions and Cheat Meals, and holidays. Appropriate Meals would be designed and you would be guided on how to follow these Plans. And a big Yes to getting fitter and better in your fitness Journey.
    Something that cannot be followed as a part of daily life style change is never suggested by us. We all have our special occasions and holidays & Birthdays and Meals with friends. Yes we do suggest Cheat Meals, every now and then in order to Keep Your motivation high.
    Yes definetely you can but under the guidance of the experts. Post Partum Your Body looses a lot of essential Macro 8 Micro Nutrients. In order to cope up with your essential daily requirements you need to follow a well balanced and Nutritious Meal. Eating Right the smart Way is the bottom line. And we help you with that.
    Of course you can! But it’s Just like asking “Can I loose weight without looking Good?! Excercises can help you attain your long term goals in short Period of time. Apart from that you look healthier and toned If your are following Nutrition and Physical Activity both. What More than finding both your Meal Nutrition and workout Plans under one same roof!! I provide the solutions for you.