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Certified Nutritionist, Health Coach and Pilates Instructor

Specialises in Clinical nutrition which includes special focus on Diabetes, weight management, Cancer Special Care, PCOD, Pre natal & Post Partum nutrition.
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Madabolix, FITNESS AND NUTRITION BY SAPNA established in 2009 and having trained over 2,500 people, now offers fitness training and Nutrition Consulting at Ahmedabad. Sapna is Nutritionist and a fitness instructor. She offers online diet consultation and workout plans.
ISSA certified in Strength & Conditioning
Masters in Food & Nutrition
Certified Motr Instructor from Balanced Body
Certified Wunda Chair Instructor from Balanced Body
Certified Pilate Instructor from Yasmin Karachiwala
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Madabolix is a one stop solution to all your health and wellness related issues such as

Weight Management
Easy and sustainable diet plans
Muscle Rehabilitation Services
Healthy and simple food recipes
Easy and on the go health products
Live workout sessions
Online consultations and training
Our Services

Healthy Food Improves Your Mood

Online Consultation and Training
The MOTOR combines the core training of pilates, the strength And power of aerobic conditioning, the functional exercises of A pulley system and the balance and release exercises of a Foam roller, MOTOR gives you everything you need to teach Classes, small group or one on one training.
Pilates on Mat Training
Pilates helps the core-strengthening Benefits of the method to improve Posture and balance. Pilates targets The “Powerhouse” muscles, which Include the glutes, hips, pelvic floor, And lower back.

Healthy and organic recipes & videos

Madabolix is ideal for "WHO"?

Weight management
Supplementation guidance
Building Stamina & Increasing energy levels
Increasing Metabolism
Simple diet/workout plans for hectic lifestyles
Medical history such as PCOD, thyroid, Diabetes etc...
Pre natal and post partum nutrition

Grilled Salmon
Fish Steak

New Healthy
Apricot Juice

why Madabolix

Healthy lifestyle should be simple, not complicated!

personalized attention

customised diet plans

focus on fat loss rather weight loss

new workouts

New Recipes


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    Madabolix is a one stop solution to your fitness and nutrition support journey. We provide with

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    Weight Management

    Weight loss, Weight gain, Fat loss

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    Customized Diet Plans for

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    Customised diet plan with wellness program

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    Fitness Reset Plan

    Customised Diet Plans with workout

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    Customized Meal Planning for the Entire Family starting from kids to adults in the house. All you have to do is just refer to the menu and get it made!! The nutritional requirement for the entire family is kept in mind and the plan is tailor made accordingly.

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